In my illustration for Tuss Edizioni, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of "Cappon Magro," a baroque culinary marvel that transcends the typical frugality of Ligurian cuisine. The vibrant composition, reminiscent of a sumptuous bouquet, features opulent shades of green, purple, and orange, mirroring the dish's role as both a symbol of opulence and a feast for the senses. Vito Elio Petrucci's profound insight, "Talking about economics with Cappon Magro is like talking about the republic in the king's house," echoes in the visual narrative, capturing the paradoxical nature of this gastronomic masterpiece. The illustration delves into the dish's historical evolution, from its humble origins as a salvaged creation by servants to its refined status as a delicacy for the elite. It mirrors the transition of popular cuisine into the spotlight of high society, reflecting the aspirations of the old and new rich during a transformative era.
Cosmopolitan influences, potentially spurred by Napoleonic movements, or the cultural impact of the Piedmontese territory post-Congress of Vienna, add an air of mystery to the culinary narrative. The illustration invites viewers to contemplate the societal shifts and influences that shaped "Cappon Magro."

Emanuela Bava's captivating photo and Magenta70's Risograph Print complement the visual storytelling, enhancing the project's artistic depth. Published by Tuss Edizioni, this illustration invites audiences to immerse themselves in the rich history and mentality of an era, where every recipe is a result of a mysterious alchemy.
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