Illustrations, draw, t-shirts, notebooks and silkscreen printed tote bags are the protagonists here!!!! 

Capsule collection POPÓ, is made by Visual Artist Fatomale, created for the exhibition at Tiger Spot!

POPÓ capsule collection moves web’s traditional imagery from the virtual world to the world. The glossy and animated aesthetics diffuse from the web to accessories and clothing, they transforms everyday objects in supports for a figurative alphabet.

Meme, logos and icons are the foundation of online visual language.

Fatomale’s collection relaunches the culture of virtual imagery. Bouncing outside the screen icons become the signs at the core of an elementary language, suspended between graphic design and Meme Face. Pineapples, apples, cherries, stairs and fluorescent rainbows are going to give life to Tiger’s upper stage in via San Vincenzo.

Text > Samuele fioravanti
Traduction > Lucia Manfredi

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